McEwan Golf Co.

McEwan Golf, a golf apparel brand based in New England, came to me wanting a new identity for their brand. Initial conversations with the client led us down the path of a vintage, classic golf aesthetic. From those brainstorming sessions with the client, I created an initial draft (which you can see here.)

While the client was intially pretty excited about the first draft, they ultimately decided they wanted to go for a more modern and simple approach. We spent a little more time discussing modern brands in their space and companies they identified with. I created a new stylescape (aka mood board) got started on a second draft.

The final marks that you see below will primarily be used on hats (McEwan’s specialty). I also created a series of small and large format secondary marks for use on t-shirts, polo shirts, and other printed apparel.


  • Research & Strategy
  • Identity Design